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Sustainable university accommodation will be suspended by 170 tons of metal

In total, there are 170 tons of metal that Beetsteel, a metalworking company from the Grupo Arliz, will install in the self-sustainable university residence that will be built at AvePark, the Guimarães Science and Technology Park. The information was provided by the company’s management, who are enthusiastic about the project.

“It is urgent that we adopt behaviors and develop more ecological solutions and AvePark contributes and inspires this movement, with the construction of this “net-zero” enterprise. For us, Beetsteel, it is a huge pride to be part of a sustainable and innovative project like this”, reveals Patrícia Vieira, Director of Beetsteel.

The big focus of the project, which is, at the moment, the biggest undertaking in the Municipality of Guimarães, lies in its energy self-sufficiency, low CO2 emissions, reduced maintenance costs and adaptability over time. With these characteristics, the building obtained the energy rating A+ NZEB 21 – Very Efficient Building, as well as certification by the ‘LiderA’ system with an exceptional performance class, also A+.

The construction of the residence, based on a modular and prefabricated construction system, stands out for the predominant use of wood, integrated in various ways and supported by a metallic structure with Beetsteel signature. The geometry, in a “U” shape, with a basement, a ground floor and two upper floors, was designed to adjust to the surroundings and the characteristics of the land, including accentuated slopes. In turn, the large roof, designed to accommodate the necessary number of photovoltaic and solar panels, guarantees the building’s energy self-sufficiency.

At the end of construction, the new building will be equipped with 20 single rooms, 35 double rooms, 24 studios, 4 T0, 22 T1 and 5 T2, which will respond to the need for a varied range of accommodation types for students, researchers and teachers. . The existence of common spaces (gymnasium, study/work areas, social areas, leisure and meals), administrative spaces, for laundry treatment, for staff, technicians and maintenance of the building is also included.

The project, which arises within the scope of the National Accommodation Program for Higher Education (PNAES), has the support of the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR) and will result in an investment of approximately 13.8 million euros (to which will be added the value of VAT).

About Beetsteel

Part of the Grupo Arliz, Beetsteel is a company specializing in the metalworking industry and metalworking of stainless steel products with a presence in the civil construction sector. It also has a presence in the urban furniture market, with the Leets Urban Design brand.

With headquarters in Braga and an industrial factory in Fafe, it soon expanded to the most diverse geographies in the country, eventually internationalizing to other European countries, such as France, where it currently has some projects under its responsibility.

Despite being a recent company, Beetsteel is today a reference in the metalworking sector, with its offering standing out for its quality and functionality.