Arliz Group strengthens ties between employees in annual get-togethers

Póvoa de Lanhoso was the location chosen for another annual gathering of the Grupo Arliz. In total, more than 100 employees, from different geographies and different areas of activity, “put on their shirts” for a Team Building activity, which included carrying out an orientation challenge and radical activities, at DiverLanhoso – Parque Adventura.

Remember that this is not the first time that the business group, which has investments in several cities in mainland Portugal and islands, has brought together its human resources to “strengthen ties” between employees who, although, in some cases, cooperate on a daily basis, they are separated by hundreds of kilometers. Moments such as the Women’s Day lunch, the São João “sardinhada” and the Christmas party, for example, have also been valuable opportunities to promote cohesion and team spirit within the company.

This year, the event included a series of new activities designed to promote collaboration and communication between participants, linked to construction companies, real estate development, metalworking, hotels, car parks and rent-a-car and insurance services. . Among the extreme activities, hanging bridges, slides and abseiling stood out, with the day ending with an orienteering challenge, where teamwork was crucial to navigate through the park, finding clues and solving puzzles along the way.

In addition to physical activities, there were moments dedicated to socialization, with lunch and an informal networking session, where those present could exchange experiences and knowledge.

In the opinion of employees, this initiative was very positive, as it allowed “a genuine and natural approach between everyone” and “boosted future synergies between different departments and companies”. Isabela, one of the employees present, highlighted that “it was a very good experience, which allowed us to get to know colleagues better who we normally only speak to via email or phone”. José, another collaborator, added that “the activities were very well thought out and helped to create an environment of cooperation and friendship”.

The success of the event reinforces the Grupo Arliz’s intention to continue investing in the well-being and cohesion of its employees, recognizing that the strength of a company lies in the quality of relationships and the ability to work as a team. Plans for the next annual get-together are already underway, with the promise of “many surprises” and activities that will certainly keep the spirit of unity and camaraderie alive.